Second Artist Date – Shapes

I created another set on Flickr for photos from my second Artist Date, this time I was looking for shapes. I found these during the Maplewood Sweet Tooth Tour, which was a self-guided tour of local shops all offering a sample of their wares. Husband and I spent a couple of hours wandering from shop to shop sampling the wares.

Found these in Roots, a small antique shop on Maplewood high street:

Glass globes

Metal stamp

Metal and wooden letter stamps

My Morning Pages have been left undone this last week as I'm attempting to let the tendonitis heal. Also have a 2nd degree brown belt test to prepare for, and I want to be fully functional so my instructor can see me at my best, and then demonstrate how far I have to go :)

(Started a Flickr Collection for my Artist Date photos, the first set was colour blocks.)

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2 Responses to Second Artist Date – Shapes

  1. A great way of looking at the world!

  2. Laurel Regan says:

    I am absolutely in love with all things typography, so those letters really speak to me! Nicely done!