I love the kakapo. How can you not? It’s a chubby, green, and flightless parrot, probably has a funny walk and is horribly endangered. These are some more of my favourite things:

The Spotted-tailed Quoll

Another endangered animal, another oasis of cute. This one’s from Australia, a carnivorous marsupial that can get big enough to chase a Tasmanian Devil away from a kill (130cm 4kg for a male, females a bit smaller).

The Takahae

A flightless New Zealand rare bird. I have a soft spot for flightless birds. It’s not small, and there’s almost no information about it online barring a few pictures.

One thought on “Endangered”

  1. I note a certain thread running through all of these animals – NZ / Aus in all cases. How many other critters from “down under” rate alongside the endangered list?

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