Call for patterns

What is your favourite sock pattern? The bread-and-butter one you always use and the fancier one for special occasions? Favourite heels and toes? Because I need some help. As soon as the KnitPicks yarn gets here, I’ll be starting on my five pair sock marathon. First up is a pair for my mother-in-law using variegated yarn. I want these socks to look good. Cables or lace, a plain rib pattern or a fancy rib? I don’t want to knit five identical pairs of socks. Help me out, please!

The yarn was ordered the night of Friday 13th January, with free shipping. My Addi sock needle is waiting, empty. I’m knitting for mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, mother, and me, in that order. Mine will be a plain foot and a 2×2 rib cuff to show off the Opal Owl yarn, but that’s months away.

5 thoughts on “Call for patterns”

  1. You’ll be seen doing Magic Loop every waking moment for the next two months, I take it? (You’ll have to show me how that works. My first trial run with a round needle wasn’t pretty.)

  2. is my standard pattern right now. But I also have several pattern variations from the Cool socks warm feet planned.

    This one looks like an interesting texture pattern that isn’t too feminine.

    Sock bug’s lacy scallop sock are also very pretty & can be found here

    (file is available as a pdf on the right side). My mom is going to get a pair of these in opal petticoat.

  3. I really like the Amble socks from the Six Socks KAL and Jean Townsend’s Yahoo group has some good ones too. Cascading Leaves is lovely. I made them with St Ives sock yarn from England and they are very comfortable.Then again, I also like my own Winding Road socks ( December on my blog) which are done in 5 ply merino.


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