Landmarks and a gift…

This is a nifty piece of SQL for finding out exactly who entered the five hundredth comment on your blog, assuming you have a WordPress blog with five hundred comments on it.


FROM "WordPress comment table"

ORDER BY comment_date

LIMIT 500 , 1

Right now, I don’t have a 500th comment, but it’s getting close. Well within a hundred type of close. The comment count started on 20th November 2004 when I first moved to WordPress, and I think 500 comments is worth celebrating with a gift for the commenter. Who’s it going to be? (The gift will have to be decided after the comment arrives, since I doubt Mr Bristow would appreciate yarn if it happens to be him.)

3 thoughts on “Landmarks and a gift…”

  1. For those that are interested in the specifics of the SQL statement … the LIMIT clause at the end says to return one row at offset 500 in the overall query result set.

    LIMIT is a really useful MySQL piece of syntax that allows you to run a query then step through a page at a time (where the 1 is replaced with say, “20” and you up the offset on suubsequent pages) or in this case to find a particular post at a particular location.

  2. Given recent posting, I think your 500th commentor stands a good chance of being a spam engine!

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