Impending blanket

For the record, I hate sewing things up. Hate it. And this will need some serious blocking. But it’s warm! So very warm, and it’ll be soft too after a spin through the washer. Presenting the technicolour yawn leftovers blanket:


It’s the size of a narrow knee blanket, waiting for the other four strips to finish it off. Now I’m all socked out and the project list is (nearly) empty, it’s time for the mitten kit Hubby gave me for Christmas. Picked up some green felt at the weekend as mine came with black, and I’m going to do the cuff in ribbing.

4 thoughts on “Impending blanket”

  1. Hey, that’s great! I’m knitting a blanket with leftover yarns right now, too, but with this pattern. Though I like what you’ve done because this way you can use up absolutely ANY scrap of yarn you have, whether or not you have enough for one of the triangles.

  2. I like the short row afghan pattern, but I dislike weaving ends and sewing more, so I went for the minimal approach.

    And I’ve used Morehouse Merino once before, and it was glorious. I don’t even mind that I’ll be ripping it out for the third time today to accomodate my ludicrously small wrists. Ah, Morehouse!

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