Snapshot – March 2006

Listening to Train "For Me, It’s You" and Emiliana Torrini "Love In The Time Of Science". I have to be in the right mood for Emiliana, but she’s written some beautiful mellow songs, definitely worth listening to. The Train CD was a birthday gift from Hubby and I love it! It’s in the car, which is the highest honour I can bestow on a CD. Also listening to Alanis Morissette’s cover of Crazy. I loved the original by Seal, and she did a great job of it.

Reading Crawford Killian Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, P.G. Wodehouse Very Good Jeeves, and Anne Lamott Traveling Mercies. I have an eight week sci-fi writing course starting at Writer’s Village University on the 22nd, and Killian is the textbook. I picked an eight week course to break me in gently for the six week journalling course I’ve failed to complete twice already.

Geeking out about a new WordPress theme, Painted Desert. I might try it if I can get all my headers and footers in order. It’s the first theme that’s really caught my eye. It’s left-menu, not a right-menu like the rest of the site, but it’d be nice to have a change once in a while. Also need to install the WordPress 2.0.2 upgrade. WordPress upgrades are painless providing you don’t delete your config file in the process. The coders have a sense of humour too. You start the upgrade at a given URL on Step One, click the relevant link, wait a few seconds, and get a message saying "You’re done, go play!".


  1. Tag, you’re it! (oh, I kill myself sometimes) I decided to turn the meme linguistics thing into a contest, and guess what — you won! I have a skein of Classic Elite Lush ready for you. Just send me your snail mail address. (also, if you are allergic to angora, let me know and I’ll sub something else for you.)

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