The Tardis rides again

BBC News: Third series for Dr Who and Rose.

Doctor Who is back for a second series and the Time Lord will be around for a while, because star David Tennant has signed up for a third. Billie Piper, his assistant Rose Tyler, has also confirmed she is on board the Tardis for the third run of the return of the BBC’s sci-fi hit. The pair were in Cardiff for a preview of the first episode of the 13-part second series, which begins in April. It revealed Rose kisses the Doctor – although all is not quite as it seems.

All is never quite as it seems. Now if we could just get the DVDs of season one out in America…


  1. David Tennant? What happened to Christopher Eccleston? Do I want to know? I liked him, I thought he had good chemistry with Billie Piper. ‘Course I’ve only seen two of the three episodes we’ve been privileged to see over here…

  2. We’ve seen David Tennant as the Doctor on a BBC Children In Need special and a Christmas episode, and he’s pretty good actually. Anyone hinting for the DVD to be sent over????

  3. The first episode of the new series aired tonight on BBC1 – anyone want the Radio Times special edition with all the Doctor Who inside info???

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