BBC News: Doctor Who dog K9 gets spin-off.

Doctor Who’s robotic dog K9 is to get its own TV spin-off featuring a mixture of live action and computer animation. Children’s TV channel Jetix Europe is joining forces with former Doctor Who designer Paul Tams and K9 co-creator Bob Baker for the 26-instalment series. Baker, co-writer of the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit feature film, said he was "delighted to be giving K-9 a new lease of life and a new look". The original K9 appeared on Doctor Who between 1977 and 1981. He subsequently appeared in a 1981 one-off show, K9 and Company, and 1983 special The Five Doctors.

K9 is annoying, but you have to like him. He’ll be in a season 2 episode along with Sarah Jane. And we still don’t have the US-encoded DVD season 1…


  1. I always had a soft spot for K9, and will be glad to see him (and Sarah Jane!) when the next season makes its way across the pond. I assume it’s Sarah Jane’s K9 that we’ll be seeing and not one of the other models? There were at least three of them, I think… the Doctor kept giving them away (small wonder, some would say, but old K9 did prove useful now and again.)

  2. At least you get to see season two. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) didn’t air it, grummph.


  3. We saw him (K9) on Saturday, alongside Sarah-Jane, the Doctor and Billie Piper/Rose Tyler – did you know that the designers used one of the original K9 bodies from the 1970s for the remodelled one in this series? Nice continuity I thought! And I have a soft spot for him too – “Danger, mistress, I sense danger!” and so on …

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