Power restored

Power was restored around 10am, while I was doing laundry at Rox’s and helping her ply some yarn she’d spun on the Kiwi. By "helping" I mean sitting next to her and making encouraging noises, she did very well on her own.

Power is back on!

Edit 23 July

There was no damage to the house, or trees. Self, Hubby, and cats are all fine, thanks for asking!

5 thoughts on “Power restored”

  1. I am happy for you that things are improving in the city. Good to hear that you are OK. Lucky you to have a one-woman-powered spinning machine.

  2. Oh Good! I lucked out, while 180 lost power, phone, water conservation etc, I was down for about 36 hours. Thosands still aren’t up and running yet. The infrastructure is shaky, but we were lucky.

    So glad to hear you are okay!

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