TV History

Found the TV Ark a while back, and have been exploring the old children’s TV programs I used to watch. The "Umpty Flump" post title came from an episode of The Flumps (intro here on Realplayer) called The Cloud, where a grey cloud follows the Flump children (Perkin, Posey, and Pootle) and makes them grumpy. And how can you have a friend called Eric and not play them the intro for Bananaman? ("When Eric eats a banana, he becomes, Bananaman! Ever alert for the call to action!").

Chorlton and the Wheelies was another favourite (intro here). Chorlton was a happiness dragon who saved Wheelie World from Fenella, the evil kettle witch and her talking spell book Claptrap. What was your favourite kids TV show?


  1. Bagpuss or the Clangers – and we’re having an ‘Ivor the Engine’ renaissance here too!

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