Contest: Milestones Past

I started this blog in January 2002 and my one thousandth blog post came and went unnoticed because of a quirk in post numbering. I thought it was worth celebrating with a contest, so I’m giving away this yarn to a commenter selected at random:

Contest prizes.

  • Two 50g balls of KnitPicks Sock Garden in Daffodil (buttery soft, spring green, orange, and yellow, colour seems to have been discontinued).
  • one skein of undyed Rambouillet yarn, worsted weight, from M & K Ranch in Missouri (perfect for dying or felting). I weighed it as 4oz, the label says 3.75 oz.

Leave a brief comment on this post telling me about one of your milestones or achievements, and I’ll pull a winner at random in a week’s time.


  1. I would have to say an achievement that I am proud of is the fact that since February of this year I have survived on my own as a single mother of two great girls. I had been with their father for almost 13 years (but we never married). He decided to cheat so I decided to leave. Also the fact that I have never kept a journal or read that much and since discovering knitting and blogging in December of 2005 I can’t get enough of it. I love to read the blogs and discover new and interesting things. Good Luck to the rest! C-ya

  2. I completed my first sweater with a band that was done by picking up stitches, it also had a modified caable pattern I had previously only knitted scarves, dishcloths, and a few very easy baby sweaters. Am now knitting socks – on my 6th pair, another sweater, cashmere scarf for my son, wil start a lace scarf for my mom and will be making a cabled sweater.

  3. Finishing the Moth shawl in just over two weeks was a major accomplishment for me. I didn’t even come close to winning the contest, but I did set a personal land speed record. 😉

  4. May I have two entries?

    When I was little, I walked to school through a busy section of town. My school started late every other Friday, and inevitably I would be stopped by a police officer wondering why I wasn’t in school. I became so frightened of them that just seeing a cop car made me feel sick twenty years later. Last week, I accidentally blocked a crosswalk in rush-hour traffic downtown, and a bicycle cop (I know, pathetic) pulled me over. I was calm, I didn’t freak out, and he let me go with a warning and no $350 ticket.

    Also, I just turned my first heel. It’s been a big month for me.

  5. I finnished a master degree in biophysics! I also knit A LOT during the process, fex. I both designed my own selbu mittens for a wedding and knit a FBS among other…

  6. I just survived walking a mile and a half through a raging sansdstorm. In Cheltenham! I had my hand angled over my mouth to enable me to breathe, and everything. =:o

    But if I win, please give the yarn to someone who actually has a use for it. =:o}

  7. I hope you’ve entered my contest. The milestone that came to mind for me was recent. I have finally spun laceweight. I have been working (sporadically) on this for some time and something finally clicked and I’m doing it. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s big for me.

  8. One big milestone was finishing my first sock! Any knitter knows the size of that milestone.

    Oming back to study as a “mature aged student” was also a milestone and completing a Dip.Min(Hons) and then a B.Th(Hons) was even better.

  9. I suppose my biggest achievement is your 2 nephews – but you can’t give the yarn to me as that would be nepotism! I’m quite proud of my MBA & my professional exams (CIPS), all done part-time whilst at work….. does the amazing speed with which we managed to spend my last bonus count? :oD

  10. My milestone is in one week I will be 40 and I am trying really hard to finish all my wip’s including all the odd socks, one of which is a size 47, I am getting there slowly!!

  11. One milestone that I was extremely proud of achieving was purchasing my home as a single parent of two with no financial help other than my own income! Very proud moment… and then, selling the home 6 years later for 35% profit!

  12. How about knitting my first cable project and then realizing I screwed up the VERY FIRST cable. Then I unravelled those 4 stitches and reknit the cable without frogging the whole project! Very proud of myself for that one!

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