Beginning spinners Q&A with Shannon Okey!

If you could pick the brains of an experienced spinner what would you ask? Shannon Okey, author of Spin to Knit, is going to do a beginner’s Q&A right here! Leave a comment and I’ll get your questions to her, and post all the answers together. I’m really excited about this!

Spin to Knit book.

The book is supposed to be out very soon.

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  1. Oooh! What a great opportunity! I’m a (mostly) self-taught spinner and I have LOTS of questions, but I’ll limit myself to two.

    Does spinning from the fold require extra twist? When I spin from the fold on my wheel (a Babe Production), the singles fall apart when I ply them. I don’t have any problems with singles spun from pre-drafted fiber.

    Are there any tricks to even plying?

  2. How great. I buy single ply wool (Briggs & Little) to knit socks. How come mine is not as resistant as the B&L one? What can I do so it won’t break as I knit it?

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