Forcibly upgraded

My computer got upgraded at work. While I am loving the new speed, wireless keyboard and mouse, and new display options, I also got Internet Exploder 7. I knew I’d encounter it at some point, and I don’t like it.

The way they’ve done tabs is odd. Having tabs is definite progress, but they feel clunky. There is a spot to click to launch a new blank tab that won’t go away. You can’t put the menu bar above the back/forward/address section. I can’t put the other toolbars where I want them. I can’t get rid of the "add to favourites" buttons, as far as I’ve been able to tell. Pop-up blocking and anti-phishing is nice, but it feels like a cheap Firefox knock-off, and not one very good one. The help file is missing great chunks of information (what are "Quick tabs" anyway? Can’t see a difference with them on or off).

To me, it just feels off, non-intuitive, and not nice to use. I’ll figure out how to work around it but I’ll stick to Firefox at home, whatever machine I’m using. You might love it, IE7 might be just the browser you’ve been waiting for, but not me.


  1. Thanks LeeAnne, but I can’t do registry hacks on my work machine 😦 Shouldn’t have to do registry hacks at all to make the stupid thing behave… It’s a heck of a change to the standard UI, and making it permanent unless you’re comfortable with the registry is just arrogant.

    I have Firefox on my Mac laptop, the Mac Mini, all the machines at home, and it works a darned sight nicer!

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