While loving the many wonderful wool sock yarns out there, I’m wondering if there’s anything I could wear in spring/autumn when it’s not well below freezing outside. I still don’t really like the wool cotton blends, but what about merino/tencel, or wool/bamboo, or even wool/soysilk/cotton/chitin? Anyone tried those? What fibre can I wear that won’t fry my feet in summer? Does a lace pattern help?


  1. I’m making my MIL’s socks (the yarn came Saturday!) out of Regia Bamboo. According to the ballband, it is supposed to be “refreshingly breathable and temperature regulating.” I am hoping this is true, since she spends most of every winter in Texas. If it is not, she probably won’t tell me. However, the yarn is very soft and wonderful to work with, so I plan on buying some for myself very soon; then I will be able to give you more info 😉

  2. I too have heard bamboo is lovely. Also, though, the right weight of wool should keep your feet cool. It’s a miracle fiber! That’s what “they” say, anyway. Maybe something lace-y?

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