Cupboard for sale

BBC News: ‘Table-sized flat’ for £170,000.

A flat roughly the size of a snooker table has gone on sale for £170,000 [$340,000] in London’s upmarket Chelsea. The former janitor’s storeroom measures 11ft by 7ft and has a cupboard place for a shower and kitchenette area. Potential buyers can expect to fork out an extra £30,000 [$60,000] to make the room habitable as there is no lighting and it is full of rubble. Even the estate agent selling the property admitted the flat was "incredibly depressing". "We have to go in with a torch because the lights do not work and it is full of rubble," Jason North, associate director at Lane Fox. Nevertheless, the flat is expected to attract buyers due to its close proximity to the fashionable bars, shops and leisure facilities of Kensington and Chelsea.

Reminds me of another London flat made from a converted toilet. This was four years ago, someone’s probably living in this one now:

A pigeon-infested derelict public toilet is to be converted into a £135,000 starter home. The two-storey Edwardian lavatory block is being turned into a split-level studio flat described as an ideal first home in south east London. Developers have applied for planning permission to convert the 100-year-old building into a tiny apartment of less than five square metres. It comes complete with an open-plan living room and kitchen, double bedroom and en suite bathroom. It stands in the centre of Forest Hill where it has been disused and derelict for the past 10 years. Developers have applied for planning permission to convert the 100-year-old building.

I’d prefer the toilet to the janitor’s closet, at least you can swing a cat in there. But both are crazy!


  1. Is that even really legal, I wonder? Aren’t there any building codes requiring a certain amount of square footage in order to be a legal residence? The place really sounds more like one of Sherlock Holmes’ bolt-holes.

  2. “How would you ever entertain?”

    Well, that’s what “the fashionable bars, shops and leisure facilities of Kensington and Chelsea” are there for. =:o

    Homes with barely enough space to sleep are becoming the norm in London, for anyone who isn’t a milionaire. They are literally just places to crash after you’ve worked all day and partied all night, so that you don’t have to commute in from some suburb with actual *housing* available via our incredibly slow, overloaded, unreliable, and frankly unsafe public transport system.

    For the weekend, of course, you get out of town. Or just sleep off your Friday night hangover. Or shag like bunnies non-stop in your oh-look-everything-we-need-is-within-arm’s-reach bed, with whoever you picked up on Friday night. Or stare at the ceiling and wonder why you failed to pick anyone up.

    This is why I automatically pass over all jobs advertised as being in central London.

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