Lace patterns

Couldn’t resist it, I grabbed a ball of Tofutsies, the wool/cotton/soy silk/chitin yarn. It looks thinner than some sock yarns, feels softer than wool/cotton blends, and colour 728 (also knows as three feet short) is very similar to the Wild Thing roving I got from Crown Mountain Farms a while back. I can’t spin that into Sock Hop yarn (yet!), so this will have to do. Any comment relating my height and the name of the sock yarn will be met with a stern glare.

But I need help with the pattern. I want something lacy for spring and summer socks. Candidates so far are Baudelaire, Hedera, and Elfine (PDF). I love the look of Lombard Street but the pattern says it’s not stretchy, and I think this yarn needs a stretchy pattern. What’s a good choice for my first all-over lace socks?

Update 26th January

Swatched with the Tofutsies yarn today, and got the usual 9st/in on 2.5mm needle. It felt slippery to start with, and I snagged a few plies. Once I got going the yarn was easy to knit, and the colour is wonderful! It can be snapped if you try really hard, and it’s softer than I was expecting. Still might put in a purled sole, but what pattern to use? Any suggestions?


  1. I honestly have no clue as to which lace is the best!!! But I believe you can never go wrong with stretchy material…

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  2. I can’t recommend the Hedera pattern. I tried knitting it for my husband’s stepmother for Christmas and, no matter what I did, the point of the pattern where the lace pattern meets the gussett shaping looked DREADFUL. I ripped it out and made something else instead. However, the leg looked lovely and the lace pattern was easy and fun; you may be able to adapt the pattern with your Sherman heel and make it work out well.

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