Cheese mines of Wales

BBC News: Cheddar matures 300ft down mine.

Big Pit, Wales’ working mine museum, is lending its mine shafts to a firm creating a Welsh cheddar cheese. A Blaenavon company which makes four types of cheddar says the temperature 90m (300ft) underground is ideal for its 40kg (90lb) blocks of cheese. The cheddar is kept in purpose-made boxes for two weeks while it takes on a distinctive "marbling" on its surface. Cheddar cheese was traditionally matured in Somerset’s Cheddar caves, from where it takes its name. Big Pit cheddar was the idea of Susan Fiander-Woodhouse, who runs the Blaenavon Cheddar Company with husband Gerry Woodhouse.

Mmm, cheese!


  1. I love Cheese – especially the non processed kind that you can find here ah- h. Just thinking of you Allie – been a while since we touched base. Hope things are going well for you

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