Spam Humour II

A while ago I posted a list of funny spammer names. These are a few more of the gems culled from the spam folders:

Prospective B. Soybean

Neolithic D. Yachts

Geopolitical C. Teletype

Heartrending H. Sphinx

Mirage S. Depressants

Spinning K. Insolently

Ruddy M. Immaturity

Unparalleled O. Straight

Sandals U. Corruptly

Isobar B. Sump

Horseshoe H. Revolting

Sepulchers G. Thimbling

Jawbreakers M. Squeegee

Apologia M. Sackful

Patricide B. Edgewise

Epiphany A. Barbecues

Ballpoints B. Disobeyed

Cosine H. Nonzero

The full list is archived in the humour section.

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