Impending sheep fest

Three firsts in one weekend: first solo plane trip, first visit to Maryland, and first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! My best friend Rox moved out to Maryland in September and neither of us have been to a fibre festival before. Both of us are knitters and spinners (although that’s my fault for teaching her).

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

The Yarn Harlot has some excellent festival survival tips and Hubby has been encouraging me to get more boxes for post-festival yarn and fibre storage. Right now I have one file box of yarn in a yarn-and-shirt closet, and another box for fibre in a different room with Chorlton, my spinning wheel.

When we get there, I want to eat lamb burgers and find one excellent spindle. And possibly some fibre to go with it. And maybe a little yarn. Are there any must-see vendors?


  1. I can’t wait either (although you are right… this is all your fault) 😉

    I am hoping to get some fibre, eat some lamb, and buy some cheese!!!

  2. Handspun by Stefania, Spinner’s Hill, Tess Yarns, Persimmon Tree Farms. Have fun. Get there early on Saturday. Bring sunscreen. Have lunch early to avoid the lines.

  3. to add to the list from Laurie: Brooks Farm, the Cormo association, golding ring spindles, spirit trail fiber works, springwater fiber workshop… 🙂

  4. Will Hatchtown be there? I’m still trying to snag a Hatchtown spindle, alas.

    Fantom Farm has beautiful roving–look them up too!

  5. I hope you enjoy yourself at the festival. There is a group of knitbloggers meeting both days at 1 pm. And while the lamb burgers are good, I always try to support the Boy Scout troop and buy their lamb sausage. They are always in the food building. You just need to be a little patient with them because they are trying to do everything themselves with their parents just helping out when needed.

    And if you are planning on Tess Designer yarns pick early and pick often. If you are with someone, take turns standing in line before you even start looking at the yarn.

  6. If you want an excellent spindle (and beautiful at that), be sure and check out the Golding booth. (You can google Golding spindles for a preview.) They truly spin forever.

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