FO: Pumpkin hat

For some light relief from the shawl, I made a pumpkin. This project has been waiting around for a couple of years. The yarn is soft but splits easily and it makes for a nice weathered pumpkin look. I made the smallest size which used less than one ball of each colour.

Pumpkin hat.

Yarn: Plymouth Sunsette (discontinued)

Pattern: Fiber Trends Pumpkin hat

Duration: 29th July to 11th August.

Started chart 2 on my Seraphim shawl and the pattern is emerging. Got a tip from the Clayton SnB about lifelines: dental floss. It shows up well against the dark green and makes the shawl smell a little minty. My lifeline went in after row 14 of the second chart and it feels like a warm fluffy security blanket. No matter what happens, I can always rip back to this row.

I don’t think this is what the dentist had in mind when he told me to floss daily…


  1. I love it when my knitting smells minty fresh. Your pumpkin hat is just fab. Lends new meaning to the nickname “Punkinhead.”

  2. I’m sure the dentist wouldn’t mind a little unorthodox use of floss. It might even remind you to floss (your teeth) more often?!?

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