Socks and a destashing sale

The Boudica socks braid has a cable on every round which is slowing me down, this week I bottled out and got a size 0 circular. Five active needles plus a cable needle was twelve points to jab myself and it wasn’t pretty.

Boudica sock in progress.

I love the colour of this yarn. The fabric has a slight sheen and feels very warm and solid, the gauge is a bulletproof 9.5 st/in. The heel directions in the pattern are unlike anything I’ve seen before, and that’s next. I’m learning a lot on this pattern.

I’m waiting for my membership in Destash for cash. My yarn lives in a plastic tub in the closet, and I want to evict some of the stuff I’m not going to use. The list so far includes:

  • Loopy Ewe sock club #1 All Things Heather yarn (turquoise and yellow) and pattern ($25 for both)
  • <!–

  • Loopy Ewe sock club #2 Claudia Handpainted yarn (autumn colours) and pattern ($25 for both)
  • one skein of Lisa Souza’s Sock! in garnet ($15)
  • one skein of 100% merino from Twisted in Chomp ($21)
  • one skein of Sunshine Yarns Welsh Green Dragon, much more green than her recent versions ($22)
  • Fleece Artist basic merino in Lagoon ($17)
  • a ball of Austermann Step in colour 1 which is reddish ($13)
  • 3 balls of Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy in desert sand (1 swatched and rewound) ($13) –>

It’s all new and unused, except for swatching the Hempathy, but it’s not as appealing to me as I thought when I got it. I seem to be in a semi-solid yarn phase rather than variegated right now. If anyone’s interested in them before I put them on the Destash website, leave a comment here. I’m taking pictures of the yarn but I don’t have them yet. Shipping would be extra and I’m getting a Paypal account set up. I have two cats, but they don’t go in the yarn box.

Edit 30th Sept:

I have photos of the yarn on Flickr now.

3 thoughts on “Socks and a destashing sale”

  1. I’m at least interested in looking. May have to wait a little till I get a paycheck from my new job that I start on October 8th 🙂

  2. I would be interested in the Welsh Green Dragon (100% superwash merino). I could pay you via PayPal, credit card, check. Shipping to Virginia.

  3. I would be interested in the loopy Ewe #2 if you still have it. I can pay by paypal. I am in Massachusetts.

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