National Spin More Month (NaSpiMoMo)

Happy New Year!

Margene has declared January 2008 to be National Spin More Month.

National Spin More Month.

There’s a Ravelry group for NaSpiMoMo with over 50 members already. I’m planning to join a monthly spinning group this month, so there should be regular spindle spinning going on throughout the year. I have a blue green silk hankie and some CVM locks for my Jenkins Turkish spindle. Then there’s the never-ending merino to finish on my wheel. 3oz down, 5oz to go…

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  1. Completely off topic: I *love* the banner photo up top. So much “uniquely British” in such a small field of view…

    Presumably the ‘phone box is there so that you can call the farmer for permission to enter his field? =:o}

    If I haven’t said so yet: Tangly New Yarn! [RAISES A GLASS] =:o}

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