Birthday spinning – The Tudor Rose

It’s my birthday today, and Hubby got me the most wonderful present, a drop spindle custom designed specially for me by Thomas Golding, the Tudor Rose:

Tudor Rose spindle from Golding.

This is the band on the rim, sterling silver with roses on:

It has a cherry whorl with some amazing scroll work, between the white petals there are tiny holes. The rose is hand-painted. Weight is 1.24oz, which is just about perfect, I was looking for something in that range. It spins fast, and for ages, it’s nicely balanced, and I love it! It’s also pictured on Golding’s custom designs page.

The Tudor Rose is a British symbol created in the late 1480’s after the Wars of the Roses by combining the Red Rose of the Lancasters and the White Rose of the Yorks. It’s my favourite British emblem and if I ever had a tattoo, this would be it. Thank you Hubby!


  1. That. Is. GORGEOUS!!!! Course, I wouldn’t know what to do with it, other than maybe bonking someone on the head. But still… Gorgeous.

  2. Oh you lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky thing!… It’s beautiful, and historical, and British! And unique! Sigh… 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Ali! Sorry to correct you, but as the history scholar in the family I feel it’s my duty to say – it’s the White Rose of the house of YORK not Lancaster –, as in Elizabeth of York who married Henry Tudor (who later became Henry VII – Their marriage merged the two into the Tudor Rose, and ended the War of the Roses (1455–1487). You could be upsetting a lot of Yorkshiremen & women by handing their rose over to Lancashire!

  4. Your hubby is so thoughtful and the spindle is gorgeous. Happy Birthday (a little late).

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