There was an earthquake in southern Illinois this morning, about 140 miles away. I woke up around that time and the wardrobe was rocking slightly. I thought it was an act of cat, but maybe it was the earthquake. I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. A friend said it felt like a train rocking the house. This is the first earthquake I remember going through.


  1. the wardrobe was rocking slightly.

    They do that just after rematerialisation. Nothing to worry about. =;o}

  2. Interesting how different people had different experiences in the same city. One guy here said his bed was swaying. I jerked awake and it felt like I was on some kind of shaker table like we used in metallurgy labs. The second one felt more like sitting in a bouncy chair.

  3. I can safely say that no cat, not even my sister’s lovable 25-pounder, can do anything that mimics an earthquake. They tear up things in their own special way instead.

  4. Wow – I am glad everyone is ok! I don’t think I have ever been through one…. The one time it happened in IN I was in California at the time! How’s that for ironic!

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