1. Ugh, I drive a car that has a manual that recommends premium fuel. I don’t even look at the price anymore. I just fill it up. It’s too depressing to think about how much money I’m putting into fuel. I do find that I stay home and knit and garden more now!

  2. Heh. Or it would be funny if it wasn’t somewhat true. In Hawaii they are almost up to $4.00 for regular. 3.92 when last i talked to the folks.

  3. No Photoshop, it’s real and I drive past it every morning. The St Louis Post Dispatch had it on their front page a couple of weeks ago. And this morning, the price was 10c higher.

  4. Sadly, I drive right past this sign every day but my subconscious has build up the ability to filter out high fuel prices in a way of saving me from slipping into a depression.

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