X-Com Apocalypse

Hubby managed to give me my all-time favourite PC game back, X-COM Apocalypse! It’s running in a VM Ware install of MS-DOS, on the Mac Mini, which is contrary to all nature, but I don’t care. It’s one of the few games I completed and it’s wonderful. Thank you!

What’s your favourite PC game?


  1. I remember playing the original X-Com. One of the first turn based strategy games I can remember playing. I remember hours of cautiously searching farmer’s fields for Greys. I played a little of the sequel but didn’t really get into it and I don’t think I ever finished the game.

    My favorite game was this silly side scrolling action game called Out Of This World by the now defunct Interplay. I managed to find an old copy on CD on ebay and load it up now and again to play when I am feeling very retro.

  2. I still miss my old version of Tetris (Spectrum Holobyte) that ran on Win3.1 – none of the newer versions I’ve seen are anywhere close!

  3. Too busy to play computer games these days – especially since your brand new niece was born on 18th June! Did you get the email telling you about Cassia’s arrival?

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