Le Tour De Fleece 2008

I signed up for Le Tour De Fleece! This year is a "spin from your stash" event, and purely by chance, I just enhanced my stash with some Wensleydale and Gotland from Copper Moose and some Lincoln locks from sheepsandpeeps on Etsy, both of which are still en route. But I think I’ll work on the 3oz of Polwarth I got from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

La Tour De Fleece 2008.

The challenge runs July 5th to July 27th, and there’s a Tour De Fleece Blog where you can sign up.

My challenge won’t be to complete the Polwarth, though that would be nice. It’s in lock form, which requires a little flick carding first, and I’ve never spun locks before. My challenge is to spin a bit every day. That means I’ll have to have a spindle with me at least one day a week. Co-workers are used to seeing me knitting in the office, but they’ve never seen me spin…

Happy 4th of July for the Americans, and Happy Friday for everyone else.