Whine and Cheese

PhoeKnits posted recently about the seeming forced happiness on knit blogs. I keep most of the personal stuff off these pages and I have reasons for that. This space is about knitting and science and news and spinning and writing, stuff that bounces around my head that I want recorded. I do get tired and discouraged and happy and excited and the blog persona is a façade I can hide behind. Sometimes the person behind it shows through a little, and sometimes she needs a break. Right now I’m letting some of me show through.

So here’s the whine:

  • A headache that lasts for two and a half days, what’s up with that?
  • Eris the cardigan is not complete and I fear it will be too big or long or misshapen thanks to my row gauge and overcompensating for it.
  • Sucky ongoing expensive thing (don’t ask).
  • My sleep is screwed up, so I’m very tired.
  • Haven’t even submitted the citizenship forms to the INS yet and I’m sick of the whole process. I think we’ve killed a whole tree so far with copying all the supporting evidence.

On the cheese side of the equation, I have a new pair of jeans that fit properly (Eddie Bauer Curvy fit, for women that have an actual shape). My dragons are surviving and I get to try breeding them, though I draw the line at back-crossing. The book chosen for the 40 Days of Faith program at church this year seems to be a good, non-guilt-inducing one (Outflow by Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping). I have 2 nights to myself to knit and spin and drink coffee to my heart’s content, because Hubby’s at the Vineyard Regional Conference this week, being held at our church. I finished the were-goose story and it doesn’t suck. The ending needs work, but it’s a decent story.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

3 thoughts on “Whine and Cheese”

  1. Oh for jeans that fit. I mostly have a choice between being able to get them over my hips or having them fit my waist. Apparently bottom-heavy hourglass is out of fashion and straight up-and-down or apple-shaped is in.

  2. Yay on finding jeans you like. I picked up the Eddie Bauer Classic Fit and they seem to be doing ok for me so far. I’m trying to get used to the “sits below waist” fit.

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