Call the cliché police

BBC News: 20 of your most hated clichés. The first ten are:

  • Basically
  • To be fair
  • To be honest
  • Going forward
  • The fact of the matter is
  • Let’s face it
  • Touch base
  • 110%
  • In the pipeline
  • The reason being

These are fairly heinous. My personal bugbear is "irregardless" because it’s NOT A WORD. Then there’s conversational fillers "like" and "you know". I don’t know, and I don’t like, please get a vocabulary.

2 thoughts on “Call the cliché police”

  1. “The plane will leave momentarily.”

    “Either of the three options is acceptable.”

    “The smaller half…”

    I also get annoyed by people who don’t know the difference between less and fewer.

    On non-existent words, when I was working in a nursing home, there was a sign exhorting us to remember to use the cleaning product with “antibacterialcidally action.”

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