There’s cold, there’s what my mother called "brisk", and then there’s entirely too cold to be allowed. Yesterday was the latter:

Car temperature.

Taken with the camera on my phone while stopped at traffic lights. Yes, I’m on my way to work at 6:45 AM. Minus seventeen Celsius, or 1.4 Fahrenheit. Whatever temperature system you use, that’s way too cold. It was cold enough the steering wheel was stiff to turn and the gear stick felt like it was moving through syrup. In the afternoon, this felt almost warm:

Car temperature in afternoon.

Supposed to be similar temperatures today. Roll on summer.


  1. That’s the sort of temperatures we had here last week. It’s just too cold to think when it gets that low.

  2. It is -8F (-22C) here without the wind chill (-24F/-31C). The furnance unexpectedly stopped working this morning. We were able to reset it so I hope it was just the extreme temps. Single positive digits are usually the lowest for this area (W. PA) so all the schools cancelled for today.

  3. If they’d just hurry up and build those polar rocket engines so we can reduce the Earth’s angle of tilt… [DRUMS FINGERS IMPATIENTLY]

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