Tweets for the week of July 31st

  • How can two plumbing quotes be THAT far apart for the same work? No way is guy #1 getting the job. #
  • 27lb of cat litter costs $12, 40lb of the same brand costs $6. Nope, still doesn’t make sense. #
  • Tour de Fleece final skein, 198yds of 2-ply merino/bamboo drying in the bathroom. And it’s pink. I don’t much like pink. #
  • Assembled table and cabinet, still to go: two bookshelves, one dresser, and a partridge in a pear tree. Need cheese fries. #
  • Sat at my new table by the window, I love my new table and the slidey-out-tray thing on one leg. New bookcase is alarmingly tall though. #
  • Got my first karate injury last night, a fingernail to the chin, it bled. Sparring next week, 6 techniques left to learn for purple belt! #
  • Whoever stole summer, please return it, we want our searing heat and humidity back before we forget what the sun looks like. No more rain! #
  • Excited about new a-ha CD "Foot of the Mountain", but it’s IMPORT ONLY! The samples sound great too. Buggerit! #
  • My gi top makes me look like a hippo, albeit a hippo that could kick you in the head and break a few ribs. I love group class! #
  • To whoever parked an identical car nose-to-nose with mine outside Target: you got me real good! #

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