Tweets for the week of August 7th

  • Indian food for lunch, at the one place I’ll happily eat all vegetarian food. So long as there’s a veggie korma and rice pudding. #
  • The dark side is calling me… I’ll have to crochet an edging on my scarf and I’m almost looking forward to learning the dreaded art. #
  • But if I do learn crochet, I can make the amigurumi zombie, ninja and robot… #
  • Knitting with my own handspun yarn ROCKS! Though it is over-twisted, must work on that. Planning pink crochet edging on tawny scarf. #
  • First attempt at crochet a screaming disaster, I can do the chain, but how do you get onto the second row? And it looked awful! #
  • Second attempt at crochet, still screaming but quietly. Rows getting shorter and shorter. #
  • Will persevere with crochet, I am not going to lose a fight with a hook, darnit! Want pretty pink crochet edging for beige handspun scarf. #
  • Americans ask the South African guy if he’s English, they ask the English if we’re Australian, so what do they ask the Australians? #
  • Got married 14 years ago, and the traditional 14th anniversary gift is ROBOTS! Love you @paul_s_hawke #
  • Made the chef at Harvest giggle, I hate hummus and corn, but I ate both and loved them tonight, the guy can COOK. #

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