Browser Wars

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Got Internet Explorer 8 on my Windows box at work, and I do NOT like it. It put a folder of "Microsoft Websites" in my Favourites, and I couldn’t delete them from the browser, kept getting "this folder is in use" errors. Closed the browser, went into my profile, and deleted them from there, but then the Recycle Bin wouldn’t delete them, even though the browser was still closed. Then it did, sort of, but they kept coming back. You couldn’t see them but it said there were five things in the Bin that wouldn’t delete, even when it looked like the Bin was empty. One reboot later, the Recycle Bin came up properly empty and the zombie links were finally dead. So far, so annoying.

Absolutely hate the colour-linking of tabs. When you launch a tab from another tab, BOTH tabs are instantly painted bright blue. Or green, or purple, or whatever colour IE8 decides. I’m sure pink or plaid or paisley is in the list, waiting till you least expect it. It’s annoying and unnecessary, and I can’t turn it off. There’s nothing in the options to disable it, and you never know what colour will turn up next. It only goes away when you close one of the linked tabs.

Also hate how hard it’s pushing Windows Search. Inadvertently slip down the address bar and oops! Windows search wants to "improve" my history and favourites results.

Annoying browser.

I don’t WANT Windows search. The official Microsoft "fix" for this message is to download and enable Windows Search. And it’s everywhere. "Are you SURE you want to search there? Wouldn’t you rather search over here? Come on, just give it a try. We have candy, little girl, and it’s free, you know you’ll like it…" I’m not giving in. Give me Google and give me Wikipedia, but don’t shove Windows Search on me!

Accelerators are a new feature that doesn’t give me any value, it’s another shell extension taking up space in my context menu. The developer tools part is OK, but it’s nothing I couldn’t get from HomeSite, or DreamWeaver, or heck with it, Notepad, my HTML editor of choice (or TextWrangler on the Mac).

Thank goodness I have Firefox and Safari when I get home. Maybe I can get Google Chrome at work for compliance testing…


ETA 08/14/09

The coloured tabs thing has gone away, apparently that’s under Tab Groups in the tab options. But if you search for tab groups in the help, it doesn’t tell you anything about what they are, or what they do.

2 thoughts on “Browser Wars”

  1. Oh yeah. =:o{

    I’ve got IE6 on this box for “when it has to be IE” use, but the other machine here has got IE7. Guys, if I wanted to launch something as big and complex as Firefox but not nearly as useful, I’d just load up… Well, no, actually, I wouldn’t, cos that’s never what I’m gonna want! What I do want, occasionally, is just a quick way of opening up a particular web page for inspection, ideally in a way that gets around any “oh we only bothered to code the site to work properly for IE users” issues. That means IE6 or earlier – and frankly, the earlier the quicker/simpler/better in most cases! =:o

  2. Oh man, I HATE IE. J’s got it and Firefox on his pc and any attempt at using IE just results in wanting to chuck things at the computer.

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