Tweets for the week of August 14th

  • All bookshelves assembled, need to install curtains and build dresser and we’ll be done! Need stepladder to reach the top shelf though. #
  • Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun. And Forhans. Pork burgers at Jour de Fete in Ste Genevieve, with actual sunshine. #
  • The cork on Pat’s home made root beer popped off and hit him on the chin, couldn’t stop giggling. Up since 5:30am and everything’s funny. #
  • Finished the handspun scarf, terrified of the crochet edging, want Ruth there when I try it. Love the scarf, love knitting with handspun. #
  • Wiped out after karate group class. Silent house, cuddly cat, kipper sandwich, and old ST:TNG on the telly. #
  • Amazing how two nights of decent sleep and a plan can boost your outlook. Busy Saturday ahead. #
  • So you tag the wild animal, let it go for a week, reel it back in and see exactly what it’s been doing? Feels a mite creepy. #
  • Cruel and unusual punishment: handing me a cool piece of technology for a week and forbidding me from taking it apart or fiddling with it. #
  • Boggled at UK support for NHS, it nearly killed me. Brits who can afford it go private. #

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