Tweets for the week of October 9th

  • Printed a picture of Sai for motivation, I get to train with these for the next kata but there’s a purple belt test between me and weaponry.
  • LD50 for kitchen cleaner is the dose needed to half kill the user. Apparently about an hours cleaning work is the right dose.
  • Alert level raised to two teaspoons of sugar in tea. Three teaspoons is impending apocalypse, two teaspoons is four horsemen on the horizon
  • Working in three operating systems simultaneously is confusing, only one can see the thumb drive at once but all three can use the speakers.
  • The "desktop wallpaper as mood canary" plan only works if you have a LOT of wallpaper, and people know to look at it before talking to me.

One thought on “Tweets for the week of October 9th”

  1. If you want more wallpaper to use as a mood ring, try I bought a subscription ($25/year) and you get access to all these amazing pieces of digital art, designed to be desktop backgrounds.

    I snorted at your “threat level” comment. That’s how I gauge my mood too, by how much sugar I need in my tea and how many cups of tea per day.

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