Tweets for the week of November 20th

  • Hit 25k on the novel and didn’t realise! Stopping when you know what

    happens next is good. Still haven’t hit the halfway crisis though..

  • Fixing machine-generated HTML is like using chopsticks by remote

    control. Chocolate helps. Lots and lots of chocolate…

  • Small camera got lost in the move, the DSLR is too bulky to take out

    on the offchance. Missed pics of an awesome sunrise this week, 😦

  • My novel has a fan! An Aussie Java guy wants to read it! MY novel!

    This has never happened before! Squee!!

  • Hubby in work for 6am, 2nd mug of tea before 8am, not a good sign

    for the afternoon. Hot chocolate could take me right out of the game.

  • Why doesn’t the app have a pink theme in the spec? It looks good in pink!
  • Windoze VM does 33 painfully slow updates, reboots, and wants 2 more updates and another reboot. You couldn’t do it all at once?
  • And another required update! Rancid pile of crap OS!
  • 97 pages of the novel written, should go over the hundred tomorrow. And still no story padding and minimal descriptions!