Tweets for the week of December 11th

  • Huddled around teacup for warmth, absolutely NOT moving to Russia any time ever.
  • Kata lesson with Jim, carpet seams and floorboards are my friends. Also need an odd length piece of dowel or pipe for practice.
  • Have shovel, will travel. The Traveling Shovel of Death is in the back of my car.
  • Someone keeps leaving the Electrical Closet open in work, horrible temptation to go in and start pulling big levers at random.
  • Fourteen days from ordering the Chinese cashmere to having it. Blissfully soft NaNoWriMo reward!
  • Jars Of Clay CD "Much Afraid", track "Fade to Gray", at 2:03 into the track, what is that random "clonk" sound?
  • Makes me happy that the Blink tag, without a way to shut it off in 5 seconds, is an official web accessibility failure. Blink==FAIL
  • "You the one with the lime?" I suppose so. "Show us your lime." It’s back at the hotel.