Tweets for the week of January 15th

  • Going to see Eddie Izzard at the Fox tomorrow night! Woo!
  • I have mink cashmere yarn to play with, from sheared minks. Weird mental image of mink shearing.
  • Writing creepy fiction for next week’s Fictional Authors meetup, unplotted and scary.
  • My cat has expensive taste, he ignored all the wool yarns and snuggled the cashmere. Must test with the mink/cashmere blend.
  • Nikon D90 camera apparently fixed by cleaning the contacts on the lens, love it when it works, not so much when it refuses to focus
  • Should I be worried I can write basket case female characters so well? That last story came out a little too real.
  • Trader Joe’s beer bread mix works with Sprite, very tasty! You can’t taste the Sprite, but you can taste it when you use beer.
  • I detest blocking, but love lace, will blocking wires help? Flutter scarf is pinned out like a sad museum beetle.

One thought on “Tweets for the week of January 15th”

  1. Just discovered “Yertle” have similar pieces now pinned down on the ironing board.. mine is a combo of yarns that I’ve used in other sea creatures for my first grandchild…Living on the westcoast of Fl, she is sure to be a waterbaby.

    I used larger needles and yarn so Yerlte is good sized.

    I love these patterns, but often don’t understand “British” abbreviations, so I just count the stitches and wing it.. advice from a former shop owner in my knitting group……..and with every new project I manage to learn a thing or two..


    Judy Huskey

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