Tweets for the week of March 19th

  • USPS tracking is addictive, especially when it’s cashmere/silk lace yarn in the mail.
  • Morning shred-fest and filing frenzy, am officially organised and tidy now. Anyone need some hamster bedding?
  • Falklands wool roving arrived, very soft and smelling slightly of sheep. Can’t wait to spin this!
  • Daylight Savings Time messed up my sleep schedule, why do we still do this? It’s a relic from World War One.
  • If villages have idiots, what do towns and cities have? And how can we stop them?
  • IE9 beta JavaScript & Acid3 results still behind other browsers, M$ marketing slogan: "Get IE9, it sucks less than IE8."
  • According to co-workers, 8:30AM is too early for me to use the word "specificity". But it’s the correct word!

Karate tournament is TOMORROW!

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