Give me Colour or Give me Death!

I wouldn’t normally do this, but I cast on 2 pairs of socks at once. My knitting of late has been a lot of neutral and dark colours and I desperately need something that will POP!

Summer Socks in progress.

Pair #1: Southwest Trading Company TOFUtsies in 805 (Toeing the Line)

I’ve used this yarn before and it was soft, hard-wearing, cool, and totally obscured the lace pattern. This is a toe up sock with panels of open weave lace done on US0 needles. With this yarn, the fabric is so much nicer on the US0 than my usual US1. The colour makes me think of limeade.

Pair #2: Crystal Palace Panda Silk in Persimmon Tones

It’s ORANGE! Top down with a hem and panels of double eyelet lace between 2×2 ribbing. The yarn only has 5% silk in, but with that colour, who cares? Picked it up when Chris Needlecraft shut down last year, I miss that store. The fabric feels soft and floppy, it will need the ribbing for structure.

The lace patterns came out of the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year perpetual calendar (which has reverse stocking stitch for my birthday, boring!). The yarns should make good summer socks, which means short cuffs and hopefully quick progress.

Also wound some Malabrigo lace yarn for a knitspot Butternut scarf in a hot pink/red colour. Looks like I’ll have enough yarn to make it longer, and there’s no grafting in the middle, which is perfect.


  1. Love Panda Silk, but I’ve only used shawl leftovers for sock heels & toes as I wasn’t entirely sure how well it would live up to being actual *socks*. I’m curious to see how well they stay up!

    Out of curiosity, how many sts do you cast on when you’re using US1’s? I think I’ve recently figured out that I’ve been CO’ing somewhere between 6 and 10 too many sts, which would be why I’m needing to run elastic through the cuffs of all my socks, but I could have sworn that I was using a rather standard number…

  2. 64sts, at a gauge of 8-9 sts per inch. I like bulletproof socks, and the only pair that’s worn through were in Crystal Palace Maizy at a YO2 in the Monkey pattern.

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