Tweets for May 1st to 15th

  • Disturbed by partial spider web INSIDE my car, wasn’t there when I parked this morning. Where is the spider now?
  • Bugger. No clear majority government for the UK.
  • When the party with the LEAST votes decides who forms the UK Government, something went badly wrong with the process.
  • Silly me, I thought if the Post Office told me to collect my parcel at 9am, they’d actually be, you know, OPEN at 9am.
  • The trouble with knitting a lace scarf is it goes back and forth forever with no shaping and you’re still less than halfway through.
  • We can has elected Prime Minister now? Enough Lib Dem drama already! Someone tell Clegg to grow up…


  1. I’d be really curious to know what inspired each of these tweets…? =:o}


    (It’s OK. We’re allowed to like each other now: Our parties are in colaition! =;o> )

  2. My thinking was thus:

    Hung parliaments and coalitions make it harder to make the tough decisions which we need to tackle out-of-control government spending and a monster deficit, therefore a coalition government will be less effective at dealing with the problem.

    Cleggs flip-flopping of “we’d never ever do a deal with Labour” “Oh alright, we’ll deal with Labour after all” “No, maybe we’d better go with the Tories” “but wait, Labour might work” “Fine, guess it has to be Cameron then”. That seemed very high school “I won’t be your friend anymore”.

    For a party with 57/650 votes, they have a mathematically disproportionate number of Cabinet seats, and a Deputy PM, how is that fair to the voters?

    We’ll see how it turns out.

  3. I totally agree re: knitting scarves. It’s why I generally have such a hard time completing them if they’re rectangular.

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