Tweets for June 1st to June 15th

  • The cat fell in the bath, lost her footing trying to grab a drink, water on 3 walls and all over the floor, while I was IN THE BATH.
  • Want to go to the Zombie workout class at Strength training AND Parkour!
  • Physical therapy for a few weeks, Advil, and no sparring or karate group class. Bloody stupid knee.
  • Applied for our US passports today! Final step in a ten year process.
  • Have learned stuff about knee anatomy I did not wish to know, including what I tore and what I merely sprained the heck out of.
  • People that flunked physical therapy school started the Spanish Inquisition, they still wanted to hurt people but weren’t qualified enough.
  • I’m torn, England & USA in same group for World Cup, want England to reach quarter or semi, but also want USA to not suck at real football.

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  1. I watched the England / USA soccer match last weekend. I’m afraid both teams kind-of suck. The US couldn’t keep the ball & Englands goal keeper made a goal for the US.

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