FO: Sparkly Little Leaves shawl

This shawl had the longest cast-on I have ever done, 331 stitches, compounded by accidentally casting on an extra fifty stitches. I learned a new stretchy cast on (YouTube link) for this project that I’m going to keep using.

Little Leaves shawl.

Pattern: Little Leaves (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Miss Babs Yet laceweight

Needles: US7 circular

Duration: 29th June to 19 July 2010

Ravelry project: Sparkly Little Leaves

I modified the border by switching to seed stitch near the end, adding a few extra short rows, and adding some rows after all the edge stitches were worked in. Most of the short rows were done at knitting morning in Borders, on what was apparently "appreciate the knit" day. Two separate women came up and glowed about our projects and wanted to see them all, and one older man walked past with a huge smile, then came back and said "It’s great to see the younger generation taking up knitting." He must have some happy memories of knitting.

The shawl needed vicious blocking to bring out the points and lace pattern, and it was too big to fit on the yoga mat. This one required the spare bed in the basement. It’s not totally even, but I think this will work.

2 thoughts on “FO: Sparkly Little Leaves shawl”

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful!

    I used to worry about blocking to perfect specs, but anymore I’ve learned to just relax and wing it. There’s no sense in getting too crazy about the size and shape – especially as when worn it’s probably going to do it’s own thing. The large number of irregularly shaped shawls that I’ve started to do (i.e. not squares, rectangles, triangles or circles) has also influenced this.

    I love knitting in public! You get some of the most wonderful reactions, and you just meet the most fabulous people.

    And thank you, by the way, for your comments on my post yesterday. I too know my depression signals…and I also can tell (as post-surger) when it’s going to be a temporary thing and when I’m in trouble. Crazy doctor.

  2. Now that is nice! I love the color and the pattern. I have never gotten the nerve to try a shawl, but this is tempting!

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