Tweets for Nov 1st to Nov 15th

  • 503 words before I head to work, not a bad start for NaNoWriMo, even if I didn’t go to the midnight kick off. 6am and I’m done.
  • I voted but I didn’t get a sticker. Everyone very helpful for a 1st time voter. LOTS on the ballot, did mine as paper not electronic.
  • The Travelling Shovel of Death is at the West County Barnes and Noble cafe for the Tuesday night Write-in. Everyone’s very productive…
  • Instant human, just add tea. And oatmeal, another hour of sleep, 2k words on the novel, a day off, & some knitting time.
  • Waiting for yarn store to open its "closing down" sale makes me feel like a vulture circling a carcass. Sale good, closing bad.
  • I don’t like the assumption than planning is a bad way to write a novel and just jumping in is better. Both are valid. Planning works for me.
  • When I leave my organiser at home I feel like a turtle without a shell. A disorganized turtle. I’m doing what when now?
  • Day 1 of light box usage, holy cow that thing is BRIGHT. Now what do I do for the other 29 minutes?
  • My Doc Marten boots have shipped! They arrive on Friday! The perfect replacement for my sadly defunct 17yr old pair.
  • Upgraded to M$ Office 2007, and the ribbon sucks. Can I get Office 2050 instead, the one with all the UI weirdness fixed?


  1. I love the boots!!!! Which knitting store is closed? Sadness… I need to find a good store around here… there is an Alpaca farm nearby… haven’t checked it out yet.

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