Tweets for January 1st to January 15th

  • Bread rising bucket ordered to replace the one I accidentally melted in the oven. Whole wheat/Asiago cheese bread turned out OK despite it.
  • First seeds of a new novel idea to follow on from the 2009 NaNoWriMo novel arrived today. Do I wait for November? Or write it now?
  • Merrily using the kitchen floodlights safe in the knowledge there’s a gadget to change light bulbs on a 13ft ceiling without a ladder.
  • Would the person in the office who is NOT sick please stand up? We have some cold germs to share with you. We know you’re out there.
  • Have found both the Turner seascape and the undiscovered Shakespearean sonnet today. Enough with the cold already.
  • xkcd: How to Write Good Code. Which loop are you on?
  • Have a minor knitting injury I hope I will not die from ( Double point needle poked my foot, some blood, I’m OK.
  • Why is my iPod out of charge when I need it most? How does it know? Is there another iPod that’s always charged & can I trade for that one?
  • 296 downloads in 2 days of my new Ravelry knitting pattern, Orwell Bridge scarf! Wow!
  • Re-inking fake freckle on left hand for karate group class, then sparring. My first sparring class since June, a bit scared of epic fail.
  • I survived sparring class! 8 fights, including 3 in a row. Next challenge: remembering to breathe while sparring.

2 thoughts on “Tweets for January 1st to January 15th”

  1. When your elementary teacher has the whole class chant “your RIGHT hand is the hand you WRITE with” and you’re ambidextrous, it gets a bit confusing. Normally I look for the wedding ring, but I don’t wear it in karate class, so I rely on the fake freckle I draw on my left hand to know which side is which. The brown Sharpie does a very realistic freckle on me.

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