FO: Larix shawl

Larix is a semi-circular shawl with columns of twisted stitches instead of lace, made with fingering weight yarn.

Larix Shawl.

Pattern: Larix (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in Giant Stick Insect, 2 skeins

Needles: US4 (40 inch circular)

Duration: 30th October 2010 to 22nd January 2011

Ravelry project: Larix Shawl

Two skeins of yarn went into this shawl. Both were from the same batch, but one was clearly more green and the other more grey. I striped them to ease the transition but I wish I’d started the striping earlier. There are three stripes with 2 rows new and 2 rows old in each stripe, so the transition took just over one repeat of the pattern.

I made 13.5 repeats of the pattern using 900yds of sock yarn. By the end, each row had over 400 stitches in and took 20 minutes, I had to grind the rows out to get it done. I only made it through 3 rows of the border instead of the six specified in the pattern, but I like the look. I almost ran out of yarn, the K2tog tbl cast off is stretchy but it used more yarn than I expected. As I was casting off, I was eyeing up the tails from where I switched skeins as potential extras, happily I didn’t need it, but it was closer than I’ve ever come to running out.

Before blocking it measured 21.5 inches from neck to hem, afterwards it measured about 24 inches. I didn’t pin this out, just patted it into shape and let it dry. Very little dye came out in the water.

Larix dragged on longer than I would have liked because of the November knitting hiatus for National Novel Writing Month. My knitting speed is about 400-500yds a month, assuming I don’t work on other projects.

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  1. Very nice! Love the color, and the pattern is very interesting. I just had to do the striping thing myself on a shawl with Malabrigo sock….and am interested to see what it looks like colorwise when it’s all blocked out. Skinny bugga is high on my list of next yarns to try, and it’s good to hear that it doesn’t bleed much.

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