FO: Kumite Mouth Guard bag

When you’re sparring in the karate studio, you wear protective gear: foam padded "boots", shin guards, gloves, helmet, and a mouth guard. My mouth guard lived in a plastic case clipped on to my gear bag, until the mouth guard fell out and vanished. I got another mouth guard, and it also vanished. Found them both in my car, cleaned them off, and now I have two mouth guards, and a case I don’t trust. Hence this:

Kumite Mouth Guard bag.

Pattern: My own design

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy

Needles: US1.5 (2mm)

Duration: 31st January to 1 February

Ravelry project: Kumite Mouth Guard bag

It’s a simple drawstring bag with deliberate holes at the bottom and a cord made from doubled sock yarn. It’s a bright enough colour it will show up in my black mesh gear bag, and I know the mouth guard cannot escape from it without some nifty knot-untying skills, and since the mouth guard has no hands and no teeth, I’m pretty sure it’ll stay in there.

Hempathy is an odd yarn. It’s more of a fingering weight than sport weight and the two plies aren’t tightly twisted. It feels hard and unyielding. I used far smaller needles for this bag than the ball band recommended and I’m planning on tossing it in the washing machine to see what happens to the fabric.


  1. I have enough Hempathy to make two sweaters….and I love what the swatches did after being washed. Hopefully you’ll like it, too!

    Funny when neccessity drives our knitting. You just never know what you’re going to need next.

  2. Presumably your mouth guard does in fact have teeth, or there’s not much point having one. But then I suppose it leaves them at work in your mouth rather than take them home to the bag. I am sure it is very devoted to its duty as a mouth guard, but it also obviously likes its freedom, hence its escape from your old case. Aren’t you rather putting temptation in its way? The little thing might get to thinking “If I weaken at the front just here, then maybe I’ll got to take a tooth or two home. Then, just maybe, I can cut my way out of the bag.”
    I suggest that you either get a strong, secure case from which there is no hope of escape, (perhaps a screw-topped metal tin), or else make sure that the new bag you have made is as comfortable and pleasant for the mouth guard as you can. Being a decent, gentle person, I am sure you will take the latter course.
    (Friend of PBristow. Hope you don’t mind me visiting.)

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