Tweets for June 16th to June 30th

  • Black tea, milk, sugar / kettle steam and shiny spoon, / a moment of calm. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Found a Ferrero Rocher on my mousepad when I came back from the status meeting, but from whom? My whole team was in the meeting with me…
  • PSA: If you care about someone and do nothing, they have no idea you care, they’re not psychic. If you give a damn, DO SOMETHING.
  • Some days you wish they left out the bit about not using karate for evil in the promise you make when you pass the test for a new belt.
  • Watched a movie with Hubby on my laptop by candlelight last night because of power outage.
  • If this is award-winning documentation, then the award was for "Most Obfuscated, Least Helpful, and Most Frustrating Documentation EVER"
  • So many possible responses to being asked "do you have a pest problem?" at work.
  • When I say "change the build slightly for load testing" I really mean "BUILD ME AN ARMY WORTHY OF MORDOR!"

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