Tweets for July 1st to July 15th

  • "Quotes are free, friendly, helpful, and sometimes we have cookies" (from a business card). Shouldn’t all businesses be like that?
  • Welcome to Missouri, where the outfit you wore for the blistering hot morning weather is utterly wrong for the stormy rainy afternoon.
  • Tuesday back to work / Feels like a Monday morning / Is it Friday yet? / #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • If there’s a graceful way to eat fresh cherries, I haven’t found it yet.
  • Bought a pink dress and spent serious time in the makeup store, may be turning into a GIRL!
  • Kenpo karate, the ultimate make-up stress test.
  • Focaccia bread in the "rising room" (aka the toasty warm garage) for an hour, will be cooked on the grill later. Bread experiments FTW!
  • Wearing a cute, shortish, green dress in work, enjoying the shock value.
  • Heat shimmers outside / No clouds, only blazing sun / Shade is no respite. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Don’t you just hate it when you change your blog theme, which frags the entire blog, and you have to dink around in the database to fix it?

3 thoughts on “Tweets for July 1st to July 15th”

  1. I have to laugh a bit because my youngest has been covered with cherry juice for days!

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