Stashbusting projects

I have several projects lined up for knitting once I finish my Eris cardigan. I’m at the elbow on the second sleeve so it’s close now. I like cardigans, I don’t have enough of them, and I have yarn that has been malingering in the stash and needs to get out and earn its keep.


Toasty Cardigan (Ravelry link) with Dzined Wool/Hemp Sportweight

This is a free Rowan pattern for a cropped cardigan (download here), the yarn is long discontinued but I love the blue green with flashes of gold. I’m planning to work the button bands in place rather than sew them on at the end as I hate an excess of sewing. I have gorgeous spalted oak buttons just waiting to be part of this. (Spalting is a wood discolouration caused by fungi, it can turn a bland pale wood into something gorgeous by scribbling darker lines through the grain.)

Featherweight cardigan (Ravelry link) with Ella Rae Lace Merino

I salvaged three skeins of this green and gold yarn from the discount bin at The Loopy Ewe, and it looks a lot like fingering weight to me, though it claims to be lace. The pattern is a simple open cardigan with ¾ sleeves, I may skimp on the sleeves if it looks like I’m running low on yarn. It would be a nice layering piece with a tank or a t-shirt.

Amelia cardigan (Ravelry link) with Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Classic

I picked up two sweater’s worth of this worsted weight yarn when Knitty Couture closed down almost a year ago, it feels more dense than Cascade 220 and more twisted. The colour is Robin’s Egg, and I have the 100g skeins not the new 50g ones. Who puts up worsted weight yarn in 50g skeins? I think it’s silly. A friend made this cardigan and it looked great on her. I have enough extra yarn I could make it a little longer.


  1. Love stash busters! And I love cardigans! As soon as my sock project is finished I am moving on to sweaters…which means mostly cardigans.

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